A Quick Chat with Julia Pentecost

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When you are  working on a new design when or how do you know it's coming together? When is that BINGO! moment?
A: Usually when I see a property and have that first meeting with the client I can start visualizing how it should work, but my ah ha moment usually happens when I am actually designing, working through the measurements, problem areas and challenges.

Was there a plant, a garden or class that was the moment you knew you wanted to be garden/landscape designer?
A: I knew I wanted to work with plants and designing when I was 15 years old. I started working at the Loveland greenhouse in the summer, it was an all glass greenhouse, and I worked there every summer, over spring break, weekends or anytime I could through high school. I knew the name of every perennial, shrub and tree we grew. It was a great experience.

When you are working on a new plan what must you always have with you?
A: I need a cup of tea, a box of dark chocolate, my cats, and a good view into my own garden all are inspiration and how I work through the designs. 

What design trends do you wish would fall to the wayside?
A: Stamped concrete. I really dislike this look, it's high maintenance and costly. It rarely looks great. 

What would we be surprised to see on your work desk? 
A: In addition to all of my landscape catalogs, pictures of my kids, and the usual pens and pencils, I like to draw inspiration from the latest dwell magazine, Architectural Digest, or even and interior design magazine. Remember, we want to make the outside just as appealing as the inside.

Is there a garden, park or nursery that you like to visit in Cincinnati that inspires you or perhaps clears your head when you are working on a grand new design?
A: I love to visit French Park, Benkens Greenhouse, the Krohn Conservatory, and Pipkins. When I am out of town I visit gardens too, the Chicago Botanical Gardens, the High Line in New York City, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh.etc. 

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