One-on-One with Elliot Miller

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Elliot Miller joins our sales and client services team with a strong focus on lawn care and landscape maintenance. Working closely with Jennifer Smith and our two designers Julia Pentecost and Natalie Selker, Elliot’s ability to deftly analyze the landscape and lawn care issues facing potential clients further enhances Wimberg Landscaping ability to exceed our clients’ expectations. With a career spanning over 20 years in the landscaping field, Elliot has acquired invaluable hands-on experience in the home landscape. 

(WL) How long have you  worked in the landscape industry and what was your first job?
(EM) I’ve worked in landscaping since I was 17 years old, so roughly 20 years, and my first jobs were not too glamorous. It was a lot of hard work, like hauling gravel and learning to build dry stack walls. To this day I still enjoy building dry stack walls. 

(WL) Sounds like you are like most of us in the industry who started in the field. How did you find yourself taking that first step? What was your inspiration?
(EM) I got started working with my idle, my father, when I was 10 years old. He showed me how to do most of what I know today from planting to drawing designs to caring for the garden and landscape. In all honesty, it started when I would get into trouble, but it blossomed into a great love. As I got older he encouraged me to couple my ability to draw with my landscape knowledge to build on my skills and take up design. It’s been a long, and for the most part, fun ride. He set me on a path that has covered every aspect of landscaping so I feel I’m rather well rounded.

(WL) Your father started you on the path, how did you continue and expand upon your landscape training and education?
(EM) I started out doing the most routine of tasks like running wheelbarrows of mulch or gravel. I listened to and studied those above me. After a few years I became a forman and focused on customer relations. Later I was motivated by family and a close mentor to peruse landscape design. Now I currently work on sales and customer relations and I couldn’t have a better team to learn from here.

(WL) When you are not in the garden, what occupies your time?
(EM) I love art like no other. It has surrounded me my entire life from high school at the School for Creative & Performing Art to landscape design. I also enjoy the outdoors. I never pass up an opportunity to go hiking or camping. But all those interests still far short of my greatest passion, soccer. I've played soccor my entire life. I’m currently coaching the boys varsity soccer team at Oak Hills High School.

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