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The complete landscape renovation at this Clifton home is making beautiful progress. You may recall our first step was to remove most of the plant material from the front and back yard spaces: it was simply old, overgrown and not to the homeowners' liking. The hardscapes were in need of an update as well. And, while we were creating a bit of a mess, at least for a week or two, it was the ideal time to address water issues in the landscape. 


(Above: Thenew patio is in and the furniture os in place.)

Cincinnati is prone to water drainage issues, due in great part to our hillsides and compact clay. It's not uncommon for our firm to receive calls about floundering landscapes only to discover that improper water movement in the landscape is contributing its failure.  

What presents itself as a negative often turns into a design opportunity. In some cases, a dry creek bed, perhaps with a stone footbridge, is the perfect design solution for water drainage issues. For this property, we are addressing water issues, but the solution will be below grade: hidden by sod and traditional landscape materials.

(Above: It takes patience and skill to install a new patio.)

To date, the water issues have been addressed, the back landscape graded and cleared of unwanted plant materiel and an old patio removed.  A new patio, one with curved lines and ample seating, is complete. Adequate outdoor seating is a must, especially in a back yard with this much room. I've never had a client wish a patio was smaller. Quite the opposite. I'm often called upon to expand the outdoor living area, most often defined as the hardscape surfaces. 

Next step is to start adding new plant materiel, which the homeowner can watch from the comfort of their new patio.  ~ Julia


(Above: A look back at the early demo days of this backyard makeover.)

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