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There comes a time in many dedicated gardeners' lives when we realize it's time to call in the professionals. We may have a wealth of knowledge acquired from years working in the soil, books and magazine read and classes attended, but one day, we look out at our landscape and sigh. A sigh that asks, Do I have the energy? The Lawn Who doesn't love a lush lawn with clean lines accentuating garden beds? However, not too many people say they love, utterly relish the idea of mowing, raking and feeding their lawns year-after-year. Many of our clients who enjoy spending time in their gardens are ready to hand over the lawn maintenance baton to us.

New Beds Let's be honest, removing sod, bringing in amended soil and prepping a space for a new garden is hard work. You need the correct equipment as well as time and physical strength. What is fun is planning a new garden, shopping for plants and installing them in your new light, organically rich soil.

More and more, homeowners are turning to professionals like Wimberg Landscaping to help with the heavy lifting. Working with a professional frees up more time and energy for what homeowners really love, working with their plants.

Watering Many gardeners start with hoses, sprinklers and watering cans. Hand watering is an excellent way for new gardeners to learn about their gardens and plants. But as the learning curve flattens, the time spent hand-watering becomes more of a chore than than a joy.

Professionally installed irrigation ensures your landscape is properly watered, saves time and money as well as conserves water all while letting you relax and enjoy the gardens without worry. We can help!

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