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Put on your toughest gloves and long sleeves, today we are taking a closer look at Pyracantha, also known as Firethorn Bush. What do we all crave in our landscape this time of year? Fall color, of course. Firethorn Bush has it with its vibrant orange berries. This handsome, underused plant sports glossy green leaves, wicked thorns and orange berries that are attractive in the landscape and to the birds.

While those oh-so-sharp thorns may make pruning a scary chore, when placed in the correct site, it can be left to grow as it likes: eliminating the need for pruning.

Pyracantha tolerates clay soils, a welcome quality in our area. For best results, plant in full to part sun and give it room to grow, if you want to avoid battling thorns. It prefers fertile, sharp-draining soil but as noted, will tolerate clay and drought.

Why We Love It
This shrub of year-round interest is great when planted en masse on a hillside or as an impenetrable barrier. It's also excellent when trained as an espalier on a wall or fence.

Just the Facts
Will reach 6-18 feet tall and wide
Spring blooms emerge on old growth
Year-round interest
Showy, fragrant flowers
Deer resistant
Drought resistant once established
Easy to care for
Grows well- good workhorse for the garden
Attracts birds
Cutting looks good in seasonal flower displays

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