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Ornamental Tree Care

An ornamental tree in the landscape can be a great value or a liability, depending on how well it is cared for. Many ornamental trees are selected for their architectural value being that the shape of the tree, from its trunk to its branches has more visual appeal than perhaps even its foliage. The form of such a tree can be easily lost if it's left to its own devices.

When we evaluate a tree for trimming we look at its overall shape and form. We then look to ensure it’s not encroaching on the home. We also look for growth that may jeopardize the health of the plant, such as crossing branches, branches that are rubbing, water sprouts and damage from storms and insects that may have gone unnoticed in the summer.

Is you landscape lacking such a tree? Here are a few favorites to add winter interest to the garden.
Exfoliating bark - Paperbark Maple
Contorted branches- Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
Exaggerated catkins- Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
Great architectural shape- Japanese Maple
Bright color- Red twig dogwood (shrub)
Light, airy feel - Sweetbay magnolia

Gorgeous berries - more of a shrub, but a must-have in the garden, Pyracantha, Firethornbush

Trees are an investment in our landscape and the value of our property. We can help you ensure they are healthy and attractive. Call today to meet with an consultant or to schedule a tree pruning.

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